Kristin Bertolero, Ed.D.


Kristin Bertolero, Ed.D.

Co-Founder & Director of Program Development

Kristin is the Co-Founder and Director of Program Development for BlankSlate Learning. She has over 15 years experience working in educational technology and online instruction.

Kristin is currently an instructor of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students all pursuing the field of education. With the rush to online instruction during the Covid-19 pandemic, she has witnessed her colleagues’ struggle to translate their in-person courses to the effective and engaging virtual learning experiences required for academic success.

Kristin’s mission is to ensure all learners are provided optimal educational experiences to guarantee they attain the knowledge and skills to thrive in their professional and 

personal endeavors. Her passion is collaborating with and supporting instructors to develop effective online curriculum and engaging instruction.

Her research over the last year bears out that 78% of educators believe that moving to an online platform is predominantly a technical process making it the responsibility of the technology services department. But creating excellence in online educating requires more than technical skills. 

Kristin facilitates the transformation of programs and the translation of in-classroom courses to online learning experiences. Applying her expertise, she has developed manuals, videos, tutorials, and exemplars to help guide administrators and faculty through the process of successfully updating from the outdated standards for online curriculum to optimize their online educating. Regardless of your current learning management system, or course subject matter, Kristin will overlay best in class online pedagogy with a variety of technological tools.  

Through her online educating experience and curriculum creation she’s honed her ability to know how learners will consume, comprehend, and utilize course content to engage with and derive valuable skills from your activities and assignments. Kristin continues to develop her online educating skills including earning a certificate in Web Accessibility from WC3X and a MicroMasters in Instructional Technology and Design from the University of Maryland.

Within her first two years in the field of education, Kristin became a leader in using educational technology among her colleagues and was recognized by a graduate professor who recruited her to teach in one of the highest performing urban districts in the state of New Jersey. She’s led monthly symposiums, traveling throughout the state presenting on the use and benefits of educational technology for all ages and content areas. 

While pursuing her Education Specialist and Doctoral Degrees, Kristin also instructed education courses in higher education. She spent 10 years as an early childhood, elementary, and secondary educator enabling her to create a living laboratory.