Debra Albert


Debra Albert

Founder, CEO BlankSlate Learning


BlankSlate Learning was originally formed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic by focusing on the need to improve the quality of educating online. In other words: Upskilling educators to improve student outcomes so they can meet the demands of the work of the future.

Due to the sudden shift from in-person to online teaching, educators and learning institution administrators were forced into a new digital world, many without prior experience or knowledge of how to effectively translate their courses into an engaging online, hybrid, or concurrent environment that fosters learners’ success.
For the previous 14 years, Debra was Co-Owner and Chief
Development Officer of Sequent Learning, a global corporate training and advisory firm specializing in Product Management. She had overall responsibility for the growth, development strategy and operations of the organization.


The company helped product managers and product leaders develop  the skills and capabilities needed to accelerate performance and promote market growth through a deep understanding of the business of the product, across the entire life cycle.

She began her career in the advertising field in both television and print media sales, rising through the ranks to senior management. As Vice President at Datamonitor she led the startup of the U.S.
operation of the London-based market research firm and developed five industry practice areas. Debra’s last corporate role was as Senior Vice President at TNS, a global market research company where she established the business development function for the CEO, and
trained the organization through its implementation. 

Debra enjoys giving back. She is the Regional Leader for Lean In NYC – the longest consistently operating Lean In Chapter in the world. Debra is also a member of the Advisory Board and The Thought Council of the C-Suite Network. 

Debra has previously contributed to the field of education by serving on the Career Services Committee of The George Washington University Alumni Association; by mentoring at Student Sponsor Partners which helps NYC’s underserved high school students; and by serving on The Board of Trustees of the Kaufman Music Center in NYC. Kaufman is the umbrella organization over Merkin Concert Hall, Lucy Moses School - NYC's largest community arts school, and the Special Music School, NYC's only K-12 public school for musically gifted students.
A graduate of The George Washington University, Debra also holds two Professional Certificates from New York University, one in Organizational and Executive Coaching and the other in Leadership and Organizational Development. Debra also holds a certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management, MIT Taskforce on Work of the Future.

A native of Philadelphia, Debra currently lives in New York City. She is
a world traveler, skier, kayaker, and animal lover. When not working, she’s learning to cook and play the cello.