Amanda Antico, Ed.D.


Amanda Antico, Ed.D.

Founder and CEO of EvolvED​


Amanda Antico, Ed.D. is Founder and CEO of EvolvED, an education consultancy and competency development PBC that focuses on how organizations, cities and corporations engage actively in the collective whole. As a leading educator, she believes that social entrepreneurship has the potential to change the world.

Amanda teaches at several universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, and advises several start-ups and social enterprises, combining her research capabilities with her practical, entrepreneurial expertise.

Prior to EvolvED, Amanda was responsible for the launch and 
strategy of Open Mind, a new methodology for linking using multimedia to learning to reach thousands of people weekly. 


As a consultant, Amanda has worked for a variety of clients, including BlackBoard, Education Design Lab, Georgetown University, and Rising Tide Capital. 

She co-founded and directed the nonprofit organization The TLT Group. TLT Group was a pioneer in the teaching, learning, and technology movement. During that time, Amanda consulted with over 100 institutions annually and she designed and coordinated over 75 workshops and 10 major national conferences with leaders in academia and educational technology companies. TLT was a movement that developed a groundbreaking approach to the adoption of EdTech by over 750 Colleges and Universities worldwide.