Online... it's a DIFFERENT way of educating!

“Think about translating a book from one language to another. Both nuance and context can get lost. The same can happen when moving the classroom from in-person to online.” - Dr. Kristin Bertolero

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Online Educating is not just about technology. It is more than just operating a Learning Management System, posting PDFs, and creating discussion boards.

Your facility's IT department can certainly help faculty and instructors become more agile with the platform. However, they do not have the andragogical training to ensure effective educating. 

BlankSlate Learning can show you how.

Moving to fully online, hybrid, or concurrent teaching methods requires changes to your instruction, materials, assessments, communication, and how you create opportunities for learners to apply their new knowledge and skills.

Effectively using these new approaches to educating offers new and innovative ways to create engagement, evaluate mastery, and most importantly, to help learners develop the real-world skills they need for their future, such as communication and collaboration, adaptability, and critical thinking.



Our Core Values


Continous Improvement


It’s in our DNA and governs everything we do.

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We are constantly collecting and analyzing data, pursuing new technologies, and expanding our skills and knowledge. This ensures we are providing you with the most up-to-date information and guidance.



We meld your platforms and processes with our knowledge and skills to expand academic success in the context of your institution and learner population. 

BlankSlate seeks to create a world where people can improve their lives by making learning accessible by anyone, from anywhere, at any time. This includes those starting their learning journey, mid-career changers, professionals looking to update their skills, and life-long learners.
We want to impact your education ecosystem. Higher Ed Institutions can have an impact on more than just faculty and students. We engage with this ecosystem by upskilling educators to enable them to create higher levels of engagement with their learners. This results in better student outcomes, increased retention and enrollment, and a larger more highly skilled talent pool for the businesses that serve the community.
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What do people Say?

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"Dr. Bertolero excels at supporting educators, often those who were less comfortable with technology, in utilizing various forms of technology to improve their instructional practices."


Michael Lockwood

M.A., Director