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BlankSlate Learning helps institutions, faculty, learners, and corporations deliver exceptional learning experiences resulting in better outcomes for your education ecosystem.

Your Education Ecosystem begins with your educators

Great educating creates more engagement with learners and results in better student outcomes, increased retention and enrollment, more workforce ready graduates and a larger upskilled talent pool which will attract more businesses to your community.    

BlankSlate Learning's experts have broad experience helping educators translate from their traditional methods of educating to an approach that meets the needs of today's education environment - whether fully online, hybrid, or concurrent.


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BlankSlate’s proprietary rubric will guide and support you along the path to
design, prepare and administer Excellence in COH
* Education

* Concurrent - Online - Hybrid



Benchmark your institution's or your

own online educating practices.


Accessibility Audits

A resource to make sure your institution is incorporating the necessary accessibility requirements.


Quick Guides 

Bite sized reference tools that guide your path to Excellence in Online Educating.


Video Tutorials

Short (4 -5 minute) step-by-step videos to walk you through the basics for creating the most effective online 
courses that can easily be used in hybrid or concurrent teaching environments.


Facts & Snacks

Excellence in COH Educating matters. A

30-minute introductory presentation to explain why every learning institution needs to implement these best practices to enhance student outcomes, increase retention and boost enrollment.



We’ll create a comprehensive and actionable roadmap based on our established rubric, multiple data points, and a series of assessments identifying your institution’s most pressing needs, all in the context of your particular institution.




Utilizing our proprietary rubric, we’ll help you evaluate whether your courses, curriculum, and programs are meeting current best practice standards for Excellence in Concurrent, Online, and Hybrid Educating.


Any technology - Any course 

We overlay our best practices with your unique

population of students and your institution's

context and resources.

Applicable to EVERY learning management system, including:


and ANY cloud based LMS.

Barrier-Free Learning

The move online has highlighted the overwhelming need for professional development in online educating.

Source: Bay View Analytics and Cengage: Digital Pulse Survey: Immediate Priorities Report


of administrators said that the biggest challenge to the pivot online was the low level of preparedness among campus-based faculty.

CHLOE 5 – The Pivot to Remote Teaching in Spring 2020 and Its Impact


of students indicate the online instruction they receive is worse in comparison to in-person instruction., Online Education Statistics
June 2020


of faculty found the low level of preparedness of students to be the second biggest challenge. 

Eduventures Research – The Changing

Landscape of Online Education 2020

The current state of online education is frustrating …
but it does not have to be!

Use our Self-Reflection Tool
to see how your institution/faculty/organization

compares to your peers


Find out if your institution
is creating Excellence
in COH Education

Your institution's reputation and funding are dependent on your  student outcomes. We understand that moving from a traditional classroom environment to meet the the demand of today's, and tomorrow’s learners can be difficult. 


BlankSlate Learning’s team created this self-reflection tool to help you identify areas that could be improved upon to bolster student outcomes and meet


Engagement - the hardest thing to maintain when moving out of the classroom and into the living room. 

How well did you do in translating your in-person instruction and curriculum into a fully online, hybrid or concurrent learning experience? 

BlankSlate Learning’s team created this self-reflection tool to help you identify areas to improve student outcomes and to help you reach your personal professional goals.

Find out if you are
Excellence in COH Education


What do people Say?

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"Dr. Bertolero excels at supporting educators, often those who were less comfortable with technology, in utilizing various forms of technology to improve their instructional practices."


Michael Lockwood

M.A., Director